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Hi, I’m Jocelyn: the gal behind the scenes, er, the computer screen! I live in New York City, the best (and most expensive) city in the world. I relocated from Hawaii with my husband 5 years ago to pursue a higher education and seek better opportunities. Not long after we arrived, I noticed it would not be an easy task for us, a young couple, while both full-time college students, to survive in such an expensive city. Affording the bare minimum: rent, utilities, food ect., along with the cost of tuition and books left our wallets very sad. Still, my love for NYC trumped my fears, and I did not let money-troubles discourage me. Over the years, I’ve developed many strategies on saving money, guilt-free spending — living large on less, and how to have fun while doing it.

I am not new to the minimalist life. In fact, I come from quite a modest home. I grew up in my grandparents home, along with the rest of our family. We shared it with myself, my mom and dad, my mom’s brother, and her parents. Oh! And, our family cat. Through watching my family pinch pennies, while stretching a paycheck to feed and cloth our family, I was raised with humility and frugality in mind. I learned the value of a memory and time spent with family. As I grew up, and moved away, I took these values with me. Time spent together with my husband means the world to me, while material possessions don’t matter as much. It wasn’t until adulthood that I realized how freeing it is.

On this blog you will find all things frugal and minimalist living! Many will pertain to life in Manhattan, but a lot of it can be applied to anyone living anywhere.  I started this blog  to share my adventures and life-hacks to ease the financial strains of living in the big city, but I hope you find these stories and words of advice helpful for you no matter where in the world you’re living.

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