Blogmas Day #11 // My Perfect Christmas

One of my favorite Blogmas writing prompts (that I’ve clearly been putting off) is:

How would you describe your perfect Christmas?

I’ve been writing this post for the last 4 days. I know – that’s a bit overkill for Blogmas, but is not an easy topic to write about! I think the honest reason why I’ve been putting it off is because it makes me emotional. It makes me miss my Mother and the traditions we had with our family. We bonded over holiday shopping and gift wrapping. My Dad often set out a train to circle our tree. Whenever I pass by a train set for sale, my heart hurts a little. Although I am an only child, we have a big family and it was very much about giving the kids a great Christmas and spending time together.

My perfect Christmas would be one where everyone I love feels loved. It really isn’t much about the gift that is given as much as it is about the symbolism of giving. (I’ll get more into that in my next post where I will share the best gift I’ve ever received – which is an electric guitar, but I’ll leave that story for later.) Sometimes our best gift is our eyes, ears, and a shoulder to cry on. My ideal Christmas is catching up with those I care about and making sure they’re O-K.

Comparable to what I’ve talked about in the past, I think a lot of young people, especially those with far-away families and no children – the holidays can be a very lonely time of year. The shorter, colder, and darker days do not help either. Because of this, I think it’s such an importance to make sure you send an extra dose of kindness to your family and friends during this time of year. Let them know you’re thinking of them!

As you all probably know by now, most of my family reside in Hawaii where I grew up and spent most of my life, and even more scatters throughout the states. There is no such think as shorter, colder, and darker days in Hawaii, well, mostly, there isn’t. So, just the environmental change requires an adjustment to my body. I find that during this time of year, I seek more meaningful conversations and quality time with the ones I love. It ends up making Christmas that much more special as well.

To speak bluntly, this year has been rough for almost every single person I love. I wrote letters to long-time friends with words of encouragement. I wanted to make sure they knew I was here, and I see them, and I hear them. And, I feel for them deeply. None of us will enter 2017 alone.

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