Blogmas Day #13 // The Gift of All Gifts

Let’s face it, as an only child, birthdays and Christmas are amazing! Why? Well, simply because it’s literally all about you. Although my parents did have a lot of disposable income, and expensive gifts were not really a thing, I received very thoughtful and wonderful gifts as a child. It really was a reflection of how well my parents knew their child. I was a creative and artistic kid, and I often got gifts that reflected that.

The most memorable gift I’ve ever received, the gift of all gifts, was an electric guitar I received when I was 15 years old. As much as I loved it, I never got very good at it, and eventually, it started to collect dust. Regardless of this, it was still a very special and symbolic gift. Gifts are often funny like that. It has very little to do with the product, and everything to do with the intention.

And, I believe, the intention was an investment – not only a big monetary investment, a sacrifice from a parent, but also an investment in a child’s interests and personality. It closed the gap between us, and although at the time, and perhaps for many years to follow, it did not seem this way, I saw them on a different level – as people, I guess. My love and understanding of who they were, not only parents but as people, was solidified that Christmas.

A message was sent at this time – perhaps even they did not know they were sending it – be that as it may, at that moment and thenceforward, I felt advocated for. Until this day, I feel that my parents are experts at helping me cultivate who I am. In truth, I wish I had never let the guitar go, regardless of whether or not it ever got any use. It would have been a fantastic symbolic gift to give my children so they would also know I am forever their biggest fan.

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