Ipsy Dipsy August

Through a friend’s referral, I was able to get my first Glambag for only $5! What can I say? I’m already in love. Not only was my Glambag valued at over $70, YES SEVENTY DOLLARS, each produce is absolutely amazing!

Any frugal fashion or beauty guru would be quick to tell you how fantastic the Ipsy Glambag is. However, no product subscription comes without a little gamble, am I right? In fact, you won’t know what products you will receive until it’s shipped. However, with Ipsy, you can easily receive five high quality, high-priced beauty products for only $10 a month! (both full-sized and large deluxe samples that are long-lasting!)

In my opinion, Ipsy is a fantastic way to not only discover new products, but also to build a collection of high quality make-up products without investing a lot of money doing so.

At first I thought – this really isn’t a very minimalist thing to do! And, in a way, it’s not. However, I don’t think that’s entirely true. I believe that having few high quality items that bring us joy and make us feel good about ourselves is a big part of what minimalism is all about. My suggestion? Well, we know these are great products, however, sometimes we simply have no interest or use for them. Instead of holding on to these products for the sake of holding on to them, consider trading or giving away with friends and family! In short: Use what you love, and let go (share) of the rest!

My favorite product in this month’s Glambag was definitely the Luseta’s Argan Oil Hair Masque. Not only does this masque keeps your hair soft and moisturizer for days at a time, it also prevents future tangling (and I have very long, very thick, easy to tangle hair!) So far, I’ve also noticed that it prevents my hair from getting oily in this hot and humid weather!

What did you gals receive in this month’s Glambag?

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Why You Should Stop Buying Cheap Clothes

I’d say my absolute biggest challenges is to stop buying cheap clothes – cheap merchandise in general. Of course, most of us don’t do it out of choice (I sure don’t – I’m poor, not picky!), we do it because that’s what we can afford and that is what is available. However, we do suffer a lot in the long run by continuously buying cheaply made stuff. (Similarly has been said about convenience meals, fast food, and other “junk” that is disguised as affordable, but really isn’t. I will get more into that in another post, though.) One thing to keep in mind is that cheap stuff usually = cheap labor. Buying from Walmart, for example, isn’t helping your local economy. We support our communities a lot more by buying local, buying fresh, and buying home-made.

On top of that, buying cheap also means you produce a lot more trash = overall hurting the environment. Cheap clothing will wear and break very fast. They get throw out at quicker rates, filling our landfills faster. Majority of the time, instead of repair, we often toss it, and buy another cheap replacement.

Many have also argued that buying well-made, sturdy products saves us money in the long run, and for the most part, it does. The problem is usually the initial investment. I’d love to spend $100 on a winter coat that will last me several years. However, I do not have $100.. I still need a coat. That’s the dilemma. For most of us, it’s about finding that middle ground. For most of us, it’s about going that extra mile, and doing our homework – meeting somewhere in the middle.

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Shopmissa Mini-Haul & Giftcard Giveaway!

Want to win a $25 giftcard to my favorite online dollar store – Shopmissa.com?! Comment on this post with your favorite products from Shopmissa.com and/or what you’d get with your $25 giftcard! Winner will be annouced 7-27-16!

Overall, it is always a fantastic experience. This time around, I recieve a very small package (of 6 items). Even though the package was very small, it arrived much later than expected. It took almost a week to ship! However, once it was out, arriving at my apartment took just a matter of days. Best case scenerio is they were out of stock of one of the items, having to wait a few days, and that’s why it took a bit longer than usual. Still, I am so happy with all of the items I recieved!


The L.A. Colors lip gloss and the Burt’s Bees tinted balm are not from my Shop Missa A order but I wanted to share them! It makes the perfect combo for a a bold lip.

Of course, I took some selfies to show you folks how the Kleancolor “Madly Matte” lipsticks look when worn!

My personal favorite – Congo Pink #2281 (Kleancolor Matte Lipsticks)
A bright, and I’d say “fearless” color! Fearless #24 (Kleancolor Matte Lipsticks)

What’s that in my nose?

Faux nose clip and 2 faux septum rings!

Want these for yourself? Here are the links:

2 Piece Gold Rhinestone Septum Rings

Madly Matte Lipstick- Pink Tones

Madly Matte Lipstick- Orange Tones

Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask

Want to win a $25 giftcard to my favorite online dollar store – Shopmissa.com?! Comment on this post with your favorite products from Shopmissa.com and/or what you’d get with your $25 giftcard! Winner will be annouced 7-27-16!

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Frugal Plus Size Fashion Haul – Old Navy, Marshall’s, Rainbow Shops

(Links to where you can purchase some of these pieces at end of this article!)


Hey all! So, it’s been a while since I shared a frugal fashion haul. This haul is quite small with a mix of in-store purchases as well as some pieces I purchased online.

When it comes to fashion and shopping, I do have a style that I tend to stick with. In regards to shopping, I only shop sales racks and clearance. Rarely, if ever, will I venture away unless the item is $10 or less at regular price.

I’m a seasonal shopper – which means that I often purchase seasonally appropriate clothing right before the season starts. In late Spring, I will generally buy warm weather clothing, and in the late Fall, early Winter, I will buy cold weather attire. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep their wardrobe fresh and wear new styles often, then you’d understand why I do not invest much money in clothing. It is only meant to be worn for 2-3 seasons. I think as a young person, our styles and personalities change so much, and so does our wardrobe. I dress a lot different than I did, even a year ago! In the past, I found myself wearing a lot of quirky, bright, and loud clothing which really reflected my college-age personality. Today, I prefer basics, classic, and chic styles that are more career/office friendly which also reflects how much more reserved, quiet and calm I am today. I shop with sensibility in mind, and often think about being able to pair many different pieces together. This is why you’ll find a lot of solid color cardigans, flowy tops, and basic leggings and tank tops in my closet. My wardrobe keeps layering in mind for Spring and Fall as well.

If you were not already aware, the best time to shop for clothing is in-between seasons. This is when a lot of new styles get pushed out by retailers and when you’ll run into the most variety on clearance and sales racks. Most assume the best time to shop is during the holidays, but that’s not entirely true. In recent years, I have landed better deals in April than I have in November-December. In fact, I’d say the absolute best deal I’ve scored was with Old Navy a few weeks ago. I got an additional 30% off already marked down clearance on some beautiful peplum tops, as well as a low-impact sports bra for $6 a pop. I plan to wear these all summer long with a light cardigan!



I love Old Navy and it has been my to-go spot for a long time. One thing that I love about Old Navy is the fact that their clothing runs large, and they also have petite and tall available. I’m a pretty tall gal. I’m somewhere between 5’7″-5’8″, but I am also apple/pear shaped. All my weight is in my tummy, hips and upper thighs. No where else can I find clothing that is long enough to hit below the zipper than at Old Navy. They carry a size that is perfect for me – Tall XL, XXL in straight sizes. They also offer a plus size line that shares many of the same styles. I really recommend Old Navy for their quality, fit, and price (always running sales, always have a lot on clearance online).

I’ve also been having a lot of luck at Marshall’s. A few days ago, I went to Marshall’s with the intention to purchase bras. Yes. Bras. Every lady’s most hated shopping experience involves bras. LOL.

I found a Kathy Ireland t-shirt bra marked down from $42.99 to $6.99. Unfortunately the straps were too short and it didn’t fit as well as I hoped. Am I upset? Not really. It was only $6.99, and it was in part my fault for not thinking I should probably try it on. Duh.

We’ve also been in need of new sheets and a bath rug, as well as same athletic shoes for hubby. We found all of these items for an awesome value at Marshall’s. Last time we were at Marshall’s, he found a great pair of Under Armor shoes on clearance. He scored again this week. He has big feet – size 13-14, which is particularly difficult to find…that has not been the case for our favored Bronx Marshall’s. When it comes to clearance, those large sizes are usually all that’s left. Good thing for him, he has a lot to chose from!


Loves these pieces? Want them for yourself? Some of them are still available online!

Grey lace up top – http://www.rainbowshops.com/Plus-Size-Ribbed-Top-with-Lace-up-Neckline/9003145027,default,pd.html

Peplum floral print top – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=3&pid=209501002 (I am a size 2X usually, and purchased this in a Tall XL and it is still roomy enough to layer underneath). It’s also comes in their plus size line as well – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=8&pid=215922012 (1X-4X). Slightly different cut.

Peplum pink striped top – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=207531002 (I purchased XXL in straight sizes)

Seamless cami sports bra – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=429321212

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Easter Haul: Staying Conscious In The Mist Of a Sale

When I go shopping, I always ask myself – will I wear this regularly? Even more importantly, I ask myself – what will I wear this with? Even if I love this piece of clothing, this shade of lipstick, or this pair of earrings, if I can’t foresee myself wearing this item right now -I won’t buy it. I only buy something because I love it.

Just because I have a gift card, doesn’t mean I should buy it. Just because it’s dirt cheap, doesn’t mean I should buy it. Today was a great example of this conflict. I have been doing quite a bit of shopping lately and I’m starting to notice how much consumerism can bother me. Spending money makes me feel guilty. Have you ever felt this way?

I admit, I’ve been stressed down to my bones due to life’s usual ups and downs, and retail therapy – wearing something new, really brightens my day!

Truly – minimalist or not, you should not feel guilty about treating yourself to something you love. Every once and a while, buy yourself something you love. It is a form of self-love. When we dress ourselves, we are loving ourselves and expressing ourselves too. When I wear a colorful floral top, or a bright shade of pink lipstick, I’m saying – hey! you know what? today I’m going to have a bright and colorful day.

Before I get anymore philosophical on ya –

Here is what I managed to snag off several $5 and $7 clearance racks!

Floral print “swing” tops by Ambiance Apparel from Rainbow Shops, NYC. 
Thick marble open-front cardigan (mid arm length) – brand unsure, Velvet elephant print (hippie, bohemian) wide-leg yoga pants by Hot Kiss. Super soft denim jeggings by Sapphire Red.
Copy-cat perfume/body spray of Carolina Herrera fragrance.


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Easter 2016 Sales: Where To Get The Best Deals This Weekend


How are you spending this holiday weekend? Hunting for eggs, morning church service, or shopping for a much needed spring wardrobe?

If you plan to relax at home, and perhaps do a little online shopping – you’re in luck!

Courtesy of International Business Times, I’ve got a list of some of the best deals running all weekend. Check it out!

American Eagle is offering 50 percent off men’s, women’s and Aerie clearance items on its website through next week.

Pier 1 Imports is offering 20 percent off customers’ purchases with the code SPRING20. Indoor dining room furniture and cabinets have their own sales running, as well.

Macy’s will give shoppers 20 percent off with the promo code EASTER. On top of that, home goods are 15 percent off — some of the best deals include a $29.99 Black & Decker blender and $600 Vitamix. If you spend more than $50, you can get free shipping through Saturday.

Through Saturday, Michael’s is giving $2.95 shipping with the promo code 295MARCHW. The store is closed Sunday, so be sure to take advantage of the buy one, get one half off Easter basket stuffers before then.

Urban Outfitters is taking 20 percent off all dresses both in store and online.

At Williams-Sonoma, you can get free shipping on big orders with the promo code SHIP4FREE. Also score 20 percent off soaps, roasters and spring bakeware, or nab a Wüsthof steak knife for 60 percent off.

Your order at Old Navy will be 30 percent off even without a promo code. Their spring styles sale features T-shirts as low as $5 and dresses starting at $15. Get free shipping by entering FREEDOM at checkout.

This weekend, H&M is giving customers free shipping if they use the code 3371 at checkout. The brand also has deals that make prices as low as $4.99.

Rad.com is offering 40 percent off spring essentials, which include T-shirts and sweatshirts with a variety of prints.

There are several promo codes you can use on Snapfish to get cool photo prints at low prices. Try 50SPR16 for half off your order, or 29FS0316 through the end of the weekend to score free shipping. Plug in 3BKSM16 for a buy one photo book, get two free deal.

Xbox is running a spring sale where you can buy an Xbox One for $299. Games are up to $20 percent off.


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My $2 Face From ShopMissaA!


Hey folks – I wanted to share with you guys what I wear on a regular day-to-day basis in terms of make up. First things first, this is a review of the cosmetic products available on shopmissa.com. If you’d like to see the results from my un-boxing, go ahead and check out this article here.

So far, I am really happy with the results. I simply utilize these 2 products from ShopMissaA:

E.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color-PINK N’ PINK $1

Everlasting Lipstick – Fiesta $1

For starters, I am not a heavy make-up user. In fact, I do not wear face powder, any kind of foundation, blush, concealer, or primers. I also do not wear eye-liner, though I will occasionally put on mascara.

Every morning, I cleanse my face with Grapefruit Oil facial wipes by Morning Blast. I also wash my face with Madina’s African black soap while showering. Check your local ethnic and beauty stores for these products before buying them online.  They cost nearly 3x more than what I spend in store!


Do you know of any low-cost, yet amazing beauty products?


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Hollar.com Haul – Unboxing & Review

Hey gang!

So, after waiting in line for an hour at the post office, I finally got my Hollar package in hand!



Everything looks great except these earrings, which are chipped in the skull and crossbones:


All the pens have smooth ink, and nothing is damaged or opened. The only other thing to note is the the kitten stickers are raised (puffy). The red crochet scarf with a rose is missing from the photo. It is very thick and warm and the detail is impressive. I’ll get a picture of it up on the blog soon! Click here to get $2 off your order!

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Life Update – 3/11/16

Hey all,

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted anything since Sunday. I had such a busy, stressful, and hectic week taking care of other things, I barely had any time to write!

Never too busy to fit in some retail therapy, though!  😉 I picked up quite a bit of stuff at Marshall’s in River Plaza, Bronx, NY, as well as at a nearby Payless. Here are a few pictures from our adventures taking the train in and out of Manhattan and into the Bronx via the 1 train:

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Recently, the strap on my favorite (and only) purse popped and broke 🙁 I was sad to see it go, but I replaced it with this beautiful Christian Siriano cross-body tote from Payless for half off of $44.99!

Christian Siriano cross-body tote from Payless

12386682_203679659996530_1004148287_n (1).jpg
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It is slim, yet roomy, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. My previous purse was a cross-body bowling bag from Forever 21 that was very bulky and heavy.

I also spend nearly 2 hours at a Marshall’s a few days ago and now I gotta say I’m in love with this store! I went there with the intention to find a really nice birthday card for my best friend and a new pair of shoes for my husband and left with more than I came for – but for the sake of this trip, that is not a bad thing!

Men’s athletic shoes, children’s clothes, bag of fudge, flavored ground coffee, jug of chai latte, and a cat-nip cat toy! That wasn’t all of it either!

I had never been to a  Marshall’s until the other day. It is a lot like a Ross. My husband has been way overdue for a new pair of shoes but we’ve put it off for such a long time because of the cost. When it comes to shoes, we knew we needed to invest in something of good quality, otherwise he’d wear it out too quickly.

When it comes to something you’ll be wearing everyday – all year long, it’s a good idea to shop around for something that will last – that’ll save you a lot more money in the long run. If you can manage it financially, always go with the better quality product. In any situation, it is always best to shop around because it is likely you can find a good-quality product at Walmart prices if you do your homework first  (coupon, look for sales, ect.). 

I’m sure you can guess how happy I was to snatch up these Under Armour athletic shoes for less than $25 bucks at Marshall’s! Under Armour is a great brand, but it is on the pricier side. Their shoes are generally in the $80-150 range, so we really landed a deal here.


Last but not least, here is another dollar item from my Wish.com order that finally arrived in the mail. How cute are these markers? They double as stamps (heart, lips, flower, and cloud). How adorable is that!?


FYI – If you follow my Instagram or Twitter account, you can get a small glimpse into my everyday life. A lot of details don’t make it into the blog, but I am quite active on my other social networking sites.

Over the weekend, I’ll be adding another column/tab on my blog for flash sales and ongoing deals. I will also be posting a new meal plan along with their recipes. I can’t wait to share with you folks my husband’s delicious homemade lasagna recipe!

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Wish.com – Product Review (Super Cute $4 Wallet!)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey guys – so, yesterday, I also received this wallet in the mail from Wish.com! This is my first time ordering anything from this website, and I’m actually very pleased with the result. The wallet arrived in great condition ; all of the zippers work, no problems with the seams or anything. It’s a large, roomy wallet that can hold a ton of coins, cards, cash, and probably even your cell phone. There is also an additional pocket on the back as well. This is really a hold-all clutch.

Link to product here! It’s $4 + $1 shipping! Not a lot of places you can get such a cute wallet (with a coin pouch built in) for $5!

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