Hey! I’m Back!

After spending a few short hours fiddling with my domain – stupidly, I must add (then having to call tech support to prevent the damage I was mindlessly causing) …I’m back!

It has been nearly seven months since I logged into my WordPress blog, and I regret neglecting it for so long. Let’s be honest, running a blog is a lot of work, and let’s just say, the first half of 2017 wasn’t exactly friendly to me – hence why I haven’t been around.

Regardless, I am happy to be back, and I am ready to write. Which is frankly, all that matters anyway!

Surely, over time, bits and pieces of my story will begin seeping out from my blog posts, and the bigger picture will emerge. Doesn’t it always? We always try to control how much of our real life bleeds out into our writing, but it never works.

Believe it or not, I’m actually living more minimally today than at any point while I was contributing to this blog – just not entirely by choice. All of my belongings fit in all but two items of luggage. Can you believe that?

In addition to that, I’m excited to share that I am reading more, and in turn, WRITING more, which is the biggest victory of all.

I truly can not wait to share with you all what I’ve been up to! I’ve sunk my toes into Hub Pages, danced around at Medium, and have had a ball branching out into content writing and journalism. Reading poetry, writing really bad poetry, loving memoirs, and staying up late. I feel kind rebellious, to be honest. 😉

Dear Followers and Subscribers,

Thank you for sticking around. At some point, while I was gone, I broke the 20,000 subscriber mark, and I have to admit, I’m humbled by your loyalty – I just wish I’ve had something to show for it. Your inbox has been empty, I know, and I’m sorry! For those who recently came on board, I hope you stick around as well, and I, of course, hope to not disappoint.

As for the future of MIM, at this point, I am simply creating it. I’m letting MIM create itself.



Let’s see where we can go. Let’s hold tightly to the magic that dances under our keyboards and at the tip of our pens.

See you in the comments section, friends.

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