NaNoWriMo 2017 – Introduction to Arcane Archives

For NaNo, I’m going to attempt my Arcane Archives WIP (work-in-progress)!

Here is the opening line:

Syd watches the clock steadily tick-tock in sequence with the sounds of her heels tapping against church seats. She turns to find the Pastor looking right at her, smiling. “Sydney!”, her mother yells, “Stand up; pay attention! Everyone is looking at you!”

Summary: In this tale, historical fiction meets whimsical fantasy when a modern-day witch unlocks the secrets of her ancestral past, uncovering the history of Old Religion and the disappearance of arcane knowledge. As she ventures beneath New York City’s oldest chapel, she finds a mysterious stranger, a hidden library and a lot more than what she bargained for.

Main Character – Syd
Narrator – Third Person Omniscient, “God” – Mysterious Stranger Joan Wytte

Joan Wytte takes on the character of Syd’s ancestor. She has the personality of an old wise woman and grandmother.

Syd’s mother, Penny, is a practicing Catholic and clerical assistant for the church. She is also the library’s keeper and, of course, a witch.

Topics covered:
Similarities between nature religion (better known as paganism) and evolution.
Intersectionality between religion and class warfare.
History of Catholicism in England.

And, another writing project emerges!

I will be spending October developing the plot and world building. I want to begin a character chart as well. The goal is to have the novel well outlined before November 1st!

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