Blogmas Day #7 // Christmas Songs

If you’ve been keeping up with my Blogmas posts since December 1st, I apologize for leaving you empty handed last night!

This evening, I thought I’d go ahead and knock out my favorite Blogmas topic – Christmas songs!

I love going through holiday playlists on Youtube during this time of year! Fair warning: I’m kind of obsessed with Pentatonix and Post Modern Jukebox. They’re my two favorite go-to artists for Christmas music!

Without further ado, here are my favorite Christmas songs!

  1. [Official Video] White Winter Hymnal – Pentatonix (Fleet Foxes Cover)
  2. Last Christmas – Vintage Andrews Sisters – Style Wham! Cover – Postmodern Jukebox
  3. Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me
  4. Sam Smith – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  5. [Official Video] Angels We Have Heard On High – Pentatonix

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BLOGMAS DAY #6 // Is your “holiday blues” seasonal depression?


Although I often say, “I love the holidays!”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I equate the holidays with happiness. Instead, on a more personal level, I often feel a sense of longing, sadness, and melancholic during the colder months. There really is such a thing as the “holiday blues”! It is not uncommon to feel a bit of sadness during this time of year due to weather changes. We see less daylight and more rain.

However, seasonal depression can be a sign of major depression or bipolar disorder, and I would urge you not to dismiss these feelings, especially if it’s a common occurrence. If you find yourself in a “funk” that lasts for several days or weeks at a time, changes to your eating or sleep patterns, it may be time to see a doctor.

For me personally, the holiday blues is often triggered by loneliness. I grew up with a big family and the holidays often meant spending a lot of time with extended family from Thanksgiving through New Years. Because I have so many cousins, nieces, and nephews, Christmas shopping and gift wrapping were a huge part of our holiday traditions. My mother and I would spend a lot of time together doing just that!

In college, I often had friends and classmates preparing to go home for the holidays whereas that wasn’t something my family and I could afford to do. Because of this, I often felt quite a bit of sadness at the beginning of October, and that sadness often peaked at the beginning of December. Over the years, I’ve discovered ways to help combat seasonal depression, which I must add, can be helpful for any kind of depression or sadness you might be experiencing.

Firstly, I’d like to mention that participating in Blogmas might be a great tool for you. So far, I’ve noticed that the daily reflection has allowed me to be a bit more self-aware of my feelings and how I’m doing emotionally. It also provides me a daily goal, which ultimately, should provide some feel-good activities! So far, I’ve been very active in participating in holiday activities I’ve included on my Christmas bucket list. Truly, this is all thanks to Blogmas.

In addition to Blogmas, here are 5 ways to kick the holiday blues that I have found to be most effective:

1. Get out of the house.

I know, I know – you just want to stay in watching Netflix, maybe read a Harry Potter book while sipping your hot cocoa. (I know this because this is exactly how I want to spend my holidays.) Well, my dear, you can’t spend the ENTIRE month of December doing this! During the winter, you’ll want to get as much sunlight as you possibly can.

2. Keep a journal.

It’s always a good idea to keep a journal. Journaling provides you the opportunity to reflect and keep track of not only events in your life but also your emotions. It allows you self-reflection which is essential to personal wellness.

3. Stay connected.

If you’re far from family, this is especially important! It is something I need to remind myself, as well. I try to keep in touch with my parents on a more regular basis during the holidays so I feel more included in their lives and them in mine.

4. Invest time to do things you want to do this holiday season.

I think this is equally important. Every year, I find myself saying, “there is always next year” while I push back events. Truthfully, money is always a factor, but listen to me when I say that fun is a necessary investment.

5. Talk about it.

Talk to Mom. Call your best friend. Tell your cat. Schedule a visit with your therapist. The absolute last thing you want to do is bottle up your emotions and let them fester. Work on them with a loved one or professional.

Are you suffering from seasonal depression or the “holiday blues”? Do you have any suggestions on getting through this time of year?


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BLOGMAS Day #4 // Winter Fashion Guide (Featuring Modcloth – Which means? PLUS SIZE TOO!)


Although I don’t blog very much about fashion or beauty, I’m actually a huge fan of fall and winter fashion – which is something that I really didn’t get to experience or appreciate growing up and living on an island (Hawaii) for the majority of my life. These days, I find myself warming up to subscription boxes such as Ipsy’s glam bag because it allows gals like me (who don’t know shit about makeup) exposure to what’s out on the market right now. It’s a way to learn and experiment – find out what I actually like and/or give a shit about.

When it comes to fashion,¬†I just want to be comfortable! And, cute! That’s it! I don’t accessorize unless it’s necessary either – I’ll wear a scarf if the weather requires one. My style is fairly “classic”. I wear a lot of basics. My favorite pieces are often leggings, skater skirts, oversized sweaters, and boots or flats. With that being said, I really do believe this time of year is my time to shine!

My all-time favorite store is Modcloth, so, of course, I thought it would be so much fun to put together my favorite warm-weather pieces from their website. Of course, I will include a link to everything as well!

1. Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy
Size: XS – 3X
What I love about this coat is the very flattering silhouette, and of course, the gorgeous burgundy tone. I think this would look fantastic with riding boots!


2. Heed Your Warming Fleece-Lined Leggings in Navy
Size: S/M or L/XL
Your winter wardrobe cannot be completed without a pair of fleece-lined leggings. Get a high quality pair because you’ll be wearing nothing but these for 3-5 months!


3. Just the Fortuitous Cardigan in Grey
Size: XS – 4X
This absolutely adorable cropped cardigan would go perfectly with a high-waisted cotton blend skirt.


4. Sugarplum Scary Sweater
Size: XS – 4X
If you’re a bit edgy like I am. ūüėõ


5. Recline the Invitation Hoodie
Size: XXS – 4X
I really love this piece a lot. I’ve actually got a similar heavy knit grey top with lacing below the neckline.
But, OMG, in hoodie form?!?! Say no more.


6. Nocturnal Yourself Out Pajama Set in Foxes
Size: S – XL
OK – this is by far the most cute holiday pajamas set I have EVER seen in my entire life.


7. Fur the Win Thigh Highs in Brown Fox
O.m.f.g – is there anything more I can say here?


8. Custom Cocoa Cardigan in Charcoal
Size: XXS – 4X
I think finding a good quality, long length, soft, and comfortable cardigan is just as important as finding the right coat for the season. I generally wear a cardigan under my coat and is often what’s visible if I take my coat off. I will sometimes unzip my coat when I get on the train to prevent myself from sweating and I think this cardigan will add a nice detail to my outfit.


9. Chillin’ Haute Scarf in Red
$20.99 // 30% off!
This is such a beautiful classic plaid scarf. It screams Christmas!


10. Saturday at the Stables Convertible Gloves in Oatmeal
$13.99 // 30% off!
It is so important to keep your hands warm during the cold months! Wearing mittens or gloves was very difficult to adjust to when I moved here. I found that convertible gloves such as these are super convenient!


I think what I love most about Modcloth is the range of sizes. As a plus size gal myself, I like seeing that most of the clothing on the site can fit anyone – regardless if you’re a size XS or a 4X. That’s awesome, and that’s how it should be everywhere.


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BLOGMAS Day #3 // Christmas Poem


They let the children out of school too early.

I left the Christmas shopping till too late.
Each day we had a holiday excursion,
Which gave us the entire week to wait in line for
Movies by Disney,
Gift-wrapping by Lord & Taylor,
And everyone’s restrooms.

On Christmas Eve we started to assemble
The easy-to-assemble telescope
And fire truck with forty-seven pieces.
By midnight it was plain there was no hope without
An astronomer,
A mechanical engineer,
And two psychiatrists.

We rose at dawn to three boys singing Rudolph.
We listened numbly to their shouts of glee.
The kitten threw up tinsel on the carpet.
The fire truck collided with the tree, requiring

One rug shampoo,
Several Band-aids,
And Scotch before breakfast.

I bought my husband shirts – wrong size, wrong colors,
And ties he said he couldn’t be caught dead in.
I’d hinted Saint Laurent or something furry.
He bought me flannel gowns to go to bed in, also
A Teflon frying pan,
A plaid valise,
And The Weight Watchers Cook Book.

The turkey was still frozen at eleven.
At noon my eldest boy spilled Elmer’s glue.
At five I had a swell Excedrin headache,
The kind that lasts till January two…but
Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year,
I think.

Judith Viorst

I thought this poem was such a fun read! This poem kind of encompasses the reality of what Christmas is like in a modern day. What do you guys think? Painfully relatable? 


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BLOGMAS Day #2 // Hallmark Holiday


Christmas, once a sacred holy day, and arguably an ancient pagan tradition, may now seem like nothing more than a Hallmark Holiday. This is nothing short of the hard truth.

Hallmark holiday” is a term used predominantly in the United States to describe a holiday that is perceived to exist primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a traditionally or historically significant event. (

However, even the commercialized, capitalistic, consumerist nature of my FAVORITE holiday is STILL founded on what I would consider good moral values. Heck, I’ll say it – I’m not even religious!

Trying to steer clear of *controversial topics here* *obviously that ship sailed 3 paragraphs ago* 

Despite this fact, I have humanist values that go hand-in-hand with the meaning of Christmas; which is altruism, humanitarianism, and social consciousness. Yes, we *do* throw mountains of money at big corporations during this time of year, but we often do it for others in the form of gift-giving. Although my goals are minimalist-focused, I recognize that a lot of the money spent by others during the holidays is meant well and often unselfish.


I’m keeping today’s¬†Blogmas post short and sweet (because I clearly over-wrote yesterday. LOL.) This is more of a conversation opener – an invitation for discussion. I’m genuinely curious about what you folks think! What are your thoughts on the consumerist nature of Christmas and how does that effect (or not even a little bit) how you spend the holidays?

Wanna read another Blogmas post? You can find them all here.


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BLOGMAS DAY #1 // Holiday Bucket List


I was following the pack
All swaddled in their coats
With scarves of red tied ’round their throats
To keep their little heads
From fallin’ in the snow
And I turned ’round and there you go
And, Michael, you would fall
And turn the white snow red as strawberries
In the summertime
‚ÄĒ¬†White Winter Hymnal, Fleet Foxes

OK, so, it’s pretty damn obvious I am OBSESSED with Christmas. I don’t know when or why or how or what the heck happened (obviously my Mother sprinkled Christmas fairy dust in my crib when no one was looking…) but I’m GOSH DARN JOLLY at this time of year.

The fact that I am now living in NYC makes it so much more exciting because there really is no place better to spend the holidays than in NYC. The city of lights turns into the city of Christmas lights and asdfghjkl, it’s magical. There is so much about Christmas that I love, but I won’t write 17 million paragraphs about it right now or I won’t have any content left for the rest of Blogmas…so let’s just start with Day #1, shall we?

For today’s post, I will be writing down my holiday bucket list for 2016. There really is so much I want to do this year – I’d like to do some things I’ve put off year after year, while I’d also like to revisit some traditions. Of course, I went on PINTEREST (Jesus Christ, why?) and basically further elongated my list. However, I want this bucket list to be more like a list of goals – attainable and practical goals.

// Bucket List //

Ugh, I’m so bad with monthly challenges. I’m usually fine for the first week (I’m lying, I don’t get past day #4), then like the pleb I am, I completely fall off the bandwagon. Routine isn’t my friend. Legit, I WILL set an alarm if I need to. We’re getting these posts done! To make it easier for everyone to follow my Blogmas posts, I will add a link at the end of each post.

And, seriously, to the ones who already completed Blogmas in November, or August because you’re nuts (because you’re responsible)…HOW ARE YOU LIKE THIS?

So far, I have 3 pop-up markets in mind: Jingle @ Chelsea Market, Union Square Holiday Market, and Bryant Park’s Winter Village. I have never been to any of these events, but have been wanting to go to them for quite some time. From what I know, the Chelsea Market pop-up includes live music, Union Square’s Holiday Market offers tons of homemade gifts, and the Bryant Park market showcases new decor each year, as well as FREE ice skating and a tree-lighting event! All of these markets are very easy to travel to via public transportation which is a big plus.

Because I am so far away from family and friends, I don’t usually purchase and wrap gifts. In the occasion that I do buy gifts, I will order something online and ship it directly (because I’m lazy). This year, however, I want to take the time to actually write a letter to loved ones (my best friend, parents, and grandparents) and include these¬†holiday tea bag(s) with my letters – a tradition I’d like to adopt from my Grandparents.

In addition to writing letters, I’d also like to dabble in DIY printables, including Christmas cards (for the letters), trees, and snowflakes to tape on the walls around the apartment because it’s cheaper and frankly, a lot cuter than buying any kind of decor!

When I lived at home, one of my favorite parts of Christmas was picking up a tree from Lowes with my parents and decorating it. Unfortunately, now I like in a 750 square box in Manhattan! We just don’t have space for a tree. *sobs* Not to mention, I have a cat who is absolutely fascinated with Christmas trees and would probably knock it over hundreds of times! I noticed the flower shop down the street just brought out these tiny potted ferns that are just too cute to pass up!! Not to mention, the money we’ll save! A little plant I can take care of that costs $5 beats a gigantic tree that costs $60 (don’t forget the tree skirt, ornaments and cat repellent!) Fact of the matter is, a Christmas tree is an expensive investment.

This is something I knew I wanted to do since Halloween. It’s just a matter of figuring out what I’m going to send! I want to include an extra-special written letter, and “stocking stuffer” type goodies – candies, holiday stickers, and maybe a few holiday-inspired beauty, body or home products! I have tons of ideas including mittens, fuzzy Christmas socks, lipstick, nail polish, candles, and candy canes. I’m not going to pretend this isn’t self-advertisement and exposure for my blog, because YES MARY, is it.

If I’m going to take 2017 by storm, I’m going to need to be prepared. If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself over recent years it’s that I am most productive when I write things down…and by things, I mean EVERYTHING! When it comes to daily writing, tackling goals, making appointments, or lists – I’m telling you, planners and journals are a must-have. If you did not utilize a planner or journal this year, I highly recommend checking it out for next year.

Like I mentioned above, I will probably not do any in-store shopping this year, but I am considering making product donation purchases online (toys and a coat – if I can budget it in), if not, I will make a $1-5 donation to all of the above organizations. I’m unsure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet, but I’m actually a member of Teachers Without Borders!¬†If you’re an educator, consider joining! It’s free!

Gosh, there is always more purging to do! Because I live in a tiny apartment with virtually no closet or storage space at all, my stuff is basically all out in the open and visible. It’s easy to feel cluttered, and I want to declutter as much as possible. I think this is a great way to kick off the New Year – with less crap. At the very VERY least, I’ll need a dedicated junk drawer…

One of my fondest memories as a newly New Yorker was going on 3am trips to Rite Aid with my husband on a Friday or Saturday night. It usually started with, “I’m hungry, is there any take-out spots still open? Nope? Wanna go to Rite Aid?” And, there you have it – a tradition was born. Frozen pizza and hot pockets galore. During the holidays, we’d often be the first to check out new merchandise. So, we’d always get dibs on brand-new gift sets, including the hot chocolate with mugs set, which you guessed it, we bought, every year. Lol. Each time we moved, there’s always been a Rite Aid nearby (which isn’t really that much of a coincidence when there are more Rite Aids than Starbucks OR McDonalds. Yeah, that many! Last year, I discovered the phenomenon that is ABUELITA Chocolate. This year? The candy canes melted in. Every year before that and every day of my life? Marshmallows.

Wanna read another Blogmas post? You can find them all here.


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25 Out-of-the-Ordinary Blogmas Topics // 25-Day Blogmas Challenge 2016


With only 3 days left of November, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you all my list of holiday and Christmas blogging topics I have put together for my FIRST EVER Blogmas! I wanted to do something a little unconventional, and create a list that gives myself (and you too) a few prompts that allow for more personal and somewhat extensive writing.

As you may have already noticed, I don’t blog very much about my personal life, but I really would like to change that! I think these prompts are thoughtful and allow me (and you) to get to know each other a lot more!

Last, but not least: I did not create this list with a sequence in mind –¬†feel free to pick and choose which topics to share for which days.


1.) Can you think back to your most memorable Christmas? What year was it? How old were you?

2.) Are you religious and how does your faith influence your Christmas and holiday traditions?

3.) Do you celebrate Christmas? If not, do you observe another holiday during this time of year? (Hanukkah, Yule, etc.)

4.) How would you describe your perfect Christmas?

5.) Do you have a holiday bucket list?

6.) Write or share a poem.

7.) Reflect on 2016: What lessons have you learned this year?

8.) Goals for 2017.

9.) Are there any holiday events going on in your community?

10.) What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

11.) Holiday shopping on a budget.

12.) Christmas dinner on a budget.

13.) What is your favorite holiday or Christmas fable, story, or fairy tale?

14.) What is your favorite Christmas film(s)?

15.) What is your favorite Christmas song?

16.) Learn about and share the history of Christmas.

17.) What makes Christmas or the holidays special for you?

18.) How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

19.) How are you spending Christmas this year? Will you be going home for the holidays?

20.) Winter fashion guide.

21.) Winter make-up guide.


22.) DIY Christmas Card

23.) DIY Christmas Gifts

24.) DIY Christmas Crafts

25.) Share your ultimate gift guide for the whole family (including your pets!)



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Why you need to download Flipp on your phone right now!



Flipp, a coupon and catalog app, is the best money¬†saving tool available in the android and apple store right now. More importantly, it’s free and incredibly¬†convenient.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about the app. This app allows you to put in your zip-code and generate all the shopping catalogs in your neighborhood. It also lets you clip coupons and make shopping lists. It’s an all-in-one shopping buddy.

During the holidays, this app can be quite a god-send. Every sales catalog is accessible in your phone. This makes budgeting and gift purchases a lot simpler and stress-free.

But, this app can be utilized all year long! In fact, I use this app on a daily basis to keep track of which grocery stores are selling what this week and at what price. I can plan every purchase, and every dollar I spend directly in my phone. This prevents me from over-spending at the grocery store and getting me in and out as quick as possible.

This is probably the only¬†app on my phone I use on a daily basis that isn’t Instagram or Facebook. I¬†love it so much!

Do you know of any great shopping, couponing or discount apps? Which are your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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