BLOGMAS Day #4 // Winter Fashion Guide (Featuring Modcloth – Which means? PLUS SIZE TOO!)


Although I don’t blog very much about fashion or beauty, I’m actually a huge fan of fall and winter fashion – which is something that I really didn’t get to experience or appreciate growing up and living on an island (Hawaii) for the majority of my life. These days, I find myself warming up to subscription boxes such as Ipsy’s glam bag because it allows gals like me (who don’t know shit about makeup) exposure to what’s out on the market right now. It’s a way to learn and experiment – find out what I actually like and/or give a shit about.

When it comes to fashion,¬†I just want to be comfortable! And, cute! That’s it! I don’t accessorize unless it’s necessary either – I’ll wear a scarf if the weather requires one. My style is fairly “classic”. I wear a lot of basics. My favorite pieces are often leggings, skater skirts, oversized sweaters, and boots or flats. With that being said, I really do believe this time of year is my time to shine!

My all-time favorite store is Modcloth, so, of course, I thought it would be so much fun to put together my favorite warm-weather pieces from their website. Of course, I will include a link to everything as well!

1. Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy
Size: XS – 3X
What I love about this coat is the very flattering silhouette, and of course, the gorgeous burgundy tone. I think this would look fantastic with riding boots!


2. Heed Your Warming Fleece-Lined Leggings in Navy
Size: S/M or L/XL
Your winter wardrobe cannot be completed without a pair of fleece-lined leggings. Get a high quality pair because you’ll be wearing nothing but these for 3-5 months!


3. Just the Fortuitous Cardigan in Grey
Size: XS – 4X
This absolutely adorable cropped cardigan would go perfectly with a high-waisted cotton blend skirt.


4. Sugarplum Scary Sweater
Size: XS – 4X
If you’re a bit edgy like I am. ūüėõ


5. Recline the Invitation Hoodie
Size: XXS – 4X
I really love this piece a lot. I’ve actually got a similar heavy knit grey top with lacing below the neckline.
But, OMG, in hoodie form?!?! Say no more.


6. Nocturnal Yourself Out Pajama Set in Foxes
Size: S – XL
OK – this is by far the most cute holiday pajamas set I have EVER seen in my entire life.


7. Fur the Win Thigh Highs in Brown Fox
O.m.f.g – is there anything more I can say here?


8. Custom Cocoa Cardigan in Charcoal
Size: XXS – 4X
I think finding a good quality, long length, soft, and comfortable cardigan is just as important as finding the right coat for the season. I generally wear a cardigan under my coat and is often what’s visible if I take my coat off. I will sometimes unzip my coat when I get on the train to prevent myself from sweating and I think this cardigan will add a nice detail to my outfit.


9. Chillin’ Haute Scarf in Red
$20.99 // 30% off!
This is such a beautiful classic plaid scarf. It screams Christmas!


10. Saturday at the Stables Convertible Gloves in Oatmeal
$13.99 // 30% off!
It is so important to keep your hands warm during the cold months! Wearing mittens or gloves was very difficult to adjust to when I moved here. I found that convertible gloves such as these are super convenient!


I think what I love most about Modcloth is the range of sizes. As a plus size gal myself, I like seeing that most of the clothing on the site can fit anyone – regardless if you’re a size XS or a 4X. That’s awesome, and that’s how it should be everywhere.


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Easter Haul: Staying Conscious In The Mist Of a Sale

When I go shopping, I always ask myself – will I wear this regularly? Even more importantly, I ask myself – what will I wear this with? Even if I love this piece of clothing, this shade of lipstick, or this pair of earrings, if I can’t foresee myself wearing this item right now -I won’t buy it. I only buy something because I love it.

Just because I have a gift card, doesn’t mean I should buy it. Just because it’s dirt cheap, doesn’t mean I should buy it. Today was a great example of this conflict. I have been doing quite a bit of shopping lately and I’m starting to notice¬†how much consumerism can¬†bother me. Spending money makes me feel guilty.¬†Have you ever felt this way?

I admit, I’ve been stressed down to my bones due to life’s usual ups and downs, and retail therapy – wearing something new, really brightens my day!

Truly¬†– minimalist or not, you should not feel guilty about treating yourself to something you love. Every once and a while, buy yourself something you love. It is a form of self-love. When we dress ourselves, we are loving ourselves and expressing ourselves too. When I wear a colorful floral top, or a bright shade of pink lipstick, I’m saying – hey! you know what? today I’m going to have a bright and colorful day.

Before I get anymore philosophical on ya –

Here is what I managed to snag off several $5 and $7 clearance racks!

Floral print “swing” tops by Ambiance Apparel from Rainbow Shops, NYC.¬†
Thick marble open-front cardigan (mid arm length) Рbrand unsure, Velvet elephant print (hippie, bohemian) wide-leg yoga pants by Hot Kiss. Super soft denim jeggings by Sapphire Red.
Copy-cat perfume/body spray of Carolina Herrera fragrance.


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Absolute BEST place for frugal fashionistas in NYC (Plus Sizes too!)


Since moving to NYC in 2011, more than 50% of my wardrobe has come from Rainbow. It’s my absolute favorite shop in the NYC area. They have stores all over!

Here are the 3 reasons why I spend so much time at Rainbow:

  1. They carry affordable plus size fashion. Not only do they carry very afford plus size fashion, but they also carry in-trend pieces. Best part is their low prices which actually extend to their plus size line. A lot of the time plus size clothing can be a little bit more expensive than straight sizes. (Ex. sales at Old Navy? It it always a few dollars more for plus sizes, even when it is the same exact item) More fabric? I guess. But here at Rainbow, they have $5 and $7 sale racks that are filled with sizes up to 24 and 4x.
  2. They carry everything. Rainbow is really a 1-stop shop for frugal fashion. They have clothing, footwear, and accessories for¬†all seasons. Also, merchandise circulates quickly. This means there is always new stuff! That cute top you’ve had your eyes on all week? It’s probably already on the clearance rack.¬†By the time I make it to the front of the line, I’ve got a several tops, a scarf, headphones and facial wipes in my basket, and it’ll probably still come out to under $20.
  3. They also have an awesome online store. I’ve purchased quality winter coats (for $20) on¬†even though there is a store literally 6 blocks away from me.

So even if you’re not in NYC, I still recommend checking out their online store. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find both in store and online. Although, the selection of accessories (including makeup) is much better in store.

Warm basics (thermal long sleeves, for example) and leggings are must for my winter attire. I wear them with ankle¬†boots, a bright colored scarf and a knit headwrap ūüôā What does your winter wardrobe look like?

Right now, there are tons of plus size knit leggings for less than $5! Link here!

Happy Shopping!

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