Shopmissa Mini-Haul & Giftcard Giveaway!

Want to win a $25 giftcard to my favorite online dollar store –! Comment on this post with your favorite products from and/or what you’d get with your $25 giftcard! Winner will be annouced 7-27-16!

Overall, it is always a fantastic experience. This time around, I recieve a very small package (of 6 items). Even though the package was very small, it arrived much later than expected. It took almost a week to ship! However, once it was out, arriving at my apartment took just a matter of days. Best case scenerio is they were out of stock of one of the items, having to wait a few days, and that’s why it took a bit longer than usual. Still, I am so happy with all of the items I recieved!


The L.A. Colors lip gloss and the Burt’s Bees tinted balm are not from my Shop Missa A order but I wanted to share them! It makes the perfect combo for a a bold lip.

Of course, I took some selfies to show you folks how the Kleancolor “Madly Matte” lipsticks look when worn!

My personal favorite – Congo Pink #2281 (Kleancolor Matte Lipsticks)
A bright, and I’d say “fearless” color! Fearless #24 (Kleancolor Matte Lipsticks)

What’s that in my nose?

Faux nose clip and 2 faux septum rings!

Want these for yourself? Here are the links:

2 Piece Gold Rhinestone Septum Rings

Madly Matte Lipstick- Pink Tones

Madly Matte Lipstick- Orange Tones

Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask

Want to win a $25 giftcard to my favorite online dollar store –! Comment on this post with your favorite products from and/or what you’d get with your $25 giftcard! Winner will be annouced 7-27-16!

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My $2 Face From ShopMissaA!


Hey folks – I wanted to share with you guys what I wear on a regular day-to-day basis in terms of make up. First things first, this is a review of the cosmetic products available on If you’d like to see the results from my un-boxing, go ahead and check out this article here.

So far, I am really happy with the results. I simply utilize these 2 products from ShopMissaA:

E.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color-PINK N’ PINK $1

Everlasting Lipstick – Fiesta $1

For starters, I am not a heavy make-up user. In fact, I do not wear face powder, any kind of foundation, blush, concealer, or primers. I also do not wear eye-liner, though I will occasionally put on mascara.

Every morning, I cleanse my face with Grapefruit Oil facial wipes by Morning Blast. I also wash my face with Madina’s African black soap while showering. Check your local ethnic and beauty stores for these products before buying them online.  They cost nearly 3x more than what I spend in store!


Do you know of any low-cost, yet amazing beauty products?


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Order Update:,,

Hey Gang,

So, about a week ago, I made a few small online orders from,, and – these are large online discount/dollar stores that have become fairy popular with frugal folks. So, I thought heck! I may as well see what all the hype is about! Though I will share an unboxing when the packages arrive, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned so far about these retailers.

Let’s start with The most important thing I’d like to mention about is the fact that they do not ship all your items together. In fact, every single item comes from it’s own retailer (so far, all from Asia), and is shipped directly from them. If you make a large order, you will get a package for each item and will have to track each separately which can be kind of a pain. If you look closely at your cart (checkout), you’ll realize each item has it’s own shipping fee as well. Even if you pick up a bunch of $1 items, your shipping will double the total cost of your order if the shipping cost is $1 each – Yikes. The bright side? I notice retailers will ship out your items fairly quickly – usually within 48 hours. Like I mentioned in my other article, carries many of your favorite brand named products at great prices. However, they take some time to ship out your order. I did not get a shipping confirmation until 9pm tonight – that’s nearly a week after I placed my order.

Last, but not least, has been phenomenal. Not only is this a true dollar store where every item is actually $1, they have free shipping with orders over $25 and ship locally. This will more than likely be the first order I’ll receive in the mail.

When I do, I will be sure to provide an unboxing as well as a Shop Miss A look w/ ELF cosmetics! I will also provide a review of the other products I’ve received (I’ve got some hand cream, as well as a lip scrub coming my way, among many other products). I know a lot of you folks have purchased cosmetics from Shop Miss A, and I’m really interested to hear what your favorite products are!

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The nature of online shopping is evolving into this very flexible and very convenient way of being a consumer. I think as people move further into the digital age, we will be doing virtually everything online, and almost everything will be accessible online as well.

The idea of an online dollar store is an interesting new trend that I am very eager to learn more about. The two main websites that dabble in this concept is and Miss A is a literal dollar store where everything is actually $1. According to my knowledge, there is currently no other website like this out right now. If you do know of another online dollar store, please let me know in the comments because I would love to know about it! Shop Miss A specialize in cosmetics and accessories. If you really dig and take your time, you’ll run into a few gems. Their collection is huge, and I really mean it when I say huge. They probably have hundreds of each type of cosmetic item, as well as accessories. They also sell some of your favorite drug store bands such as E.L.F (Eyes, Lips & Face). It would take you hours to get through looking at everything. has been around for a while. In fact, was incredibly popular many years ago. Did you know that you couldn’t actually purchase anything from this website when it first launched? It was more of a We Heart It type of app. However, today, that is not the case – it is much more like Groupon.

My advice? Don’t be afraid to buy from foreign discount stores such as these – that sell very low-priced merchandise. ( is another fairly popular discount store) Though keep in mind: you will wait quite a while to receive your items in the mail. Your packages will more than likely be shipped overseas from China via Chinapost and take a few weeks to get here, if not more. Also, quality of the product is a total hit or mess. is a new discovery for me! This website, in my opinion, is a best-kept secret, that isn’t really a secret – just new to the market.

Hollar is a discount store that sells well-known brand merchandise – not generic or “bootleg”. Prices start at $2 and almost everything in the store is under $5. They have almost anything you can think of! It is a small-scale department store with an impressive variety of products. Just to give you an idea of what you can buy: I purchased Tupperware, a cat collar, glitter gel pens, earrings, a box of brown rice tea, and a scarf, just to name a few!

Do you have a favorite online store than you frequent? I’ll love to hear about it!

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Online gold mine that is Shop Miss A


Over a month ago, I purchased this adorable planner from; an online dollar store. So, let me just say, it is amazing, and I just L.O.V.E it to pieces!


Here is why:

  • It’s blank! What does this mean? Blank planners don’t have the dates written in.
  • It has monthly, weekly, and daily pages, as well as a yearly and monthly task list.
  • It’s faux leather and comes in various colors.
  • It has 2 pockets!
  • It lays flat! Are you left-handed? I am! And, it’s a pain in the butt writing in binders or spiral notebooks.
  • It’s fracking adorable!

More or less, Shop Miss A its an online dollar store that specializes in accessories. They have pretty much anything you can think about in regards to accessorizing.

Getting a planner for the new year is crucial for productivity and organization. I bought this specifically to help me keep track of daily, weekly and monthly tasks, as well as goal setting. Not only have I started this blog, but I do a lot of different types of writing in my personal life. I have a lot of unfinished projects that I am determined to get done this year. Writing in a planner gives me accountability.

Planners aren’t only for students, believe me. If you’re a homemaker, or a business owner, you have many tasks that need to get done through-out the day and without organization you will probably lose your mind.

I use planners to track everything from grocery lists to appointments to blog posts. If you haven’t already, I encourage ya’ll to join the planner life 🙂

Over and out!


UPDATE: Planner is sold out on BUT, here is a list of retailers selling them: ($6.48 FREE SHIPPING) ($6.00, $1 shipping PER ITEM)

FYI, links will open in new tab 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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