Today, my husband and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, while we were on a walk, I reminded him of this, and he asked,
“So, how long have we been together now?”
I replied, “It’s our wedding anniversary plus 10 years.”
— “Oh, right”, he said.

It really does feel like forever — I’ve ran out of fingers to count the years. It’s hard to imagine what it felt like before I met him. It’s like trying to imagine what it’s like to live without a sibling or parent — it’s just hard to imagine because they’ve always been there.

What’s so peculiar is that it wasn’t until more recently, maybe within the last year or so, that I reached this sudden realization that this was for life. It’s not like on your wedding day when you make this vow of forever, you make that promise — no, this was different, I suddenly just *knew*, and now, I exist differently because of it. It’s the epitome of reassurance and comfort to have a friend, and more importantly, an ally or comrade for life, and to feel like the Universe has got your back, at least on this — which is arguably the most important thing in life anyway. We were meant to do life together.

Over the years, I’ve tried to write about love, but it’s very difficult to write — at least realistically and truthfully. I think *this* is just so difficult to describe, even for a writer. We’re constantly growing and learning what all of this means. And, I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that no one can really teach you about love, similarly to no one can really teach you about life. It’s one of those things you have to learn yourself. I’m grateful that I get to learn about love and life with Thomas. There are billions of people on earth, and somehow, someway, our histories, our lives, they decided to intertwine. I’ve had poor luck with friendships and finding others I can connect with, yet, somehow, I hit the lottery with you. What a blessing.


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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! It is wonderful to find a life partner who you actually want to spend forever with. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years, but it feels like longer (in a good way) because we are so connected like we’ve been together for decades.