Where Do We Go From Here

Blogging is such an intimate act, isn’t it? Sure, it is hugely public, but there are many eyes that do not engage their keyboards. In no way am I asking you to – if fact, apart from my blog, I really don’t engage with others – especially not bloggers, but perhaps I, and you, should start. What’s interesting is I am fully aware that I am talking directly to people who are reading, but I am still sort of talking to myself, for myself.

I truly can’t say what direction I’m going in with this blog. I haven’t a clue what the future holds for us. In truth, I started this huge project on a whim because I needed something to throw myself at. You’ll soon discover that I throw myself into a creative project whenever I am in a crisis. And, this is, in fact, the result of that. Believe me, I was hardly prepared for the work ahead, but today, even though I am far from reaching my writing, blogging, and publishing goals, I am immensely proud of myself.

I initiated this very firm plan of focusing specifically on minimalist and frugal living, with a focus on urban cities such as New York City, but alas, my life is so much more than that. Yes, I am food-stamp receiving coupon-clipping human. Yes, I get a thrill when sifting through crates of hardcover books at the Salvation Army. But, I am also heavily interested in politics and culture. I spent the last year gaming somewhat competitively in a very popular MMORPG. But most importantly, writing is my life. I live a writer’s life and have lived it since the age of 13. Being confined to a “themed” blog was painful at times. I wanted to write poetry. I wanted to share my life without using nice words. I wanted to write all of the things I am publishing on this blog now.

I have a few blog posts lined up for the rest of the month. The next post will probably be in dedication to my husband. He and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary this month and I’d like to write a little something about that. This year, I have officially known him for half of my life. Isn’t that just insane? Especially at such a young age? We met 13 years ago, gosh, probably more like 14 years ago. I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed we are to have each other. Life is hard, and it’s nice to have someone to share the burden.  He is much more than a lover or a friend, he is an ally, which is a bigger word than most realize.

In the future, I’m hoping to gain the courage to be real, to be raw, to display the fact that, yeah, there is a real person behind the scenes, with a life equally as terrifying as yours. To those reading quietly from the sidelines, I appreciate you and I hope you stick around. And, please, know that I am always ready to engage. If you choose to connect, I will listen, and be grateful for it.

See you in the next post,

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